Long Sleeve Peplum Top - Bamboo Cotton Fleece (100 pieces)

Long Sleeve Peplum Top - Bamboo Cotton Fleece (100 pieces)


It’s like a fancy sweatshirt! This long sleeve top is made from our super soft Bamboo Cotton Fleece. The Bamboo fibers regenerate in just 55 days, are biodegradable and require no pesticides.

Hand sewn in Vancouver Canada with imported Bamboo Cotton Fleece with 6% Spandex.

  • Each order of “1” is for 100 pieces, “2” is 200 pieces etc. If you would like to place an order that is not within multiples of 100, just shoot us an email and we can do a custom order for you.

  • Your final order will come include Small, Medium, Large and X Large

  • Includes branded back neck label.

  • Pre-production sample will be sent for approval 6 weeks after order placement. You can request this in any of the available sizes.

  • Full production will ship 10 weeks after sample approved.

  • Once your order is received we’ll send you a welcome email and request the artwork for your branded labels (don’t worry, we’re humans too so make every step easy peasy).

Suggested Retail Price per unit

  • $90 USD

Estimated revenue for your business based on Suggested Retail Price and 100 pieces

  • $4,500 USD

But girl, you do you.

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Bamboo Cotton Fleece

Bamboo Cotton Fleece

Super Soft, Super Sustainable

The is the softest fleece we’ve ever worn and is only made better by the fact that 66% of the fibers come from Bamboo that regenerates in 55 days. You’ll feel comfortable wearing it and comfortable sharing it.

Get cozy and try it in the Long Sleeve Peplum Top.